Milan: Yonghong Li issues statement following recent newspaper reports
20/02/2018, 18:30
Milan owner Yonghong Li has issued a statement in response to newspaper reports over the past 24 hours that have declared that he has been declared bankrupt.
Italian journal Corriere della Sera broke the news on Monday after an in-depth investigation into Li’s business dealings.
Now it’s the turn of the patron to try put the record straight in a statement that read:
“Happy New Year to you all. I have spent the holidays at home with my family, but I have read irresponsible reports from the media in the past 48 hours that has damaged the club, my companies, my family and myself.
As a result of these rumours and irresponsible news, I wanted to create a tranquil environment around the team and the whole club.
We do not understand where these stories have come from so I would therefore like to take this opportunity to explain in the hope that this will be the last time that the situation concerning all my personal resources will be raised and to reassure you that my companied are working normally.
I therefore hope that these stories will not be given credibility and that everyone focuses on what is most dear to me and to all of you, namely the management and the growth of the team and that you will continue to support Mr Gattuso. We will do everything to return the club to the top level.
This season I have watched every match and at times I have seen players shed tears for having lost. I have also seen Han Li and (Marco) Fassone full of joy after the matches that we have won.
Our commitment to bring satisfaction to Milan supporters means we have to endure great pressures. Thanks to the commitment of everyone, the team is currently experiencing a great time. Thanks to the efforts of Mr Gattuso and all the players, the team has improved in all respects.”
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