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Boban to fly to Madrid to unblock Correa deal
23/08/2019, 23:45
Serie A giants AC Milan are now prepared to unblock the deal for Angel Correa, with Zvonomir Boban now set to fly to Madrid to sort out the last bits in the deal that have been left hanging for the last few weeks.

The Argentine wants to join the rossoneri this summer and he has already told Atletico Madrid about his decision to do the same. But Milan are yet to find a complete agreement, with Atletico demanding a fee of around 50 million euros to sell the player.

Correa wants Milan and has decided to wait until the end. That's why he said no to the lure of Monaco. Milan wants to please both the player and Giampaolo, to whom a player with those characteristics would really work.  According to what calciomercato.com understand, Boban will reach Madrid early next week. A summit with Atletico Madrid is expected to unblock the deal and give the Rossoneri fans that shot they've been pursuing for more than a month now.

Boban and Paolo Maldini continue to work on the deal for Atletico Madrid, convinced that the wall erected of the 50 million plus bonus evaluation could slowly crumble. So much so that a new mission for the Devil is scheduled for next week. 

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