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Sorrentino: 'I studied Ronaldo penalty kicks on Youtube'
23/01/2019, 17:15
Despite his sides 3 – 0 defeat at the hands of league leaders Juventus, Cheivo goalkeeper Stefan Sorrentino had a moment to savour as he saved a second half penalty from 5-time Balon’dor winner Cristiano Ronaldo. "I will keep everything, knitwear, shorts and socks", he declares to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"Behind a penalty saved there is study, preparation and intuition. My father Roberto, goalkeeper in the 70s and 80s, had the black book of the rigorists. I initially I was looking for the attackers on YouTube, now with Lorenzo Squizzi (former-goalkeeper) before the competitions we watch the videos and together we decide the strategy, we were both sure that it would open the shot and that was it’, continued the veteran goalkeeper. “My mother was at the stadium, my father was not ... When he heard, he told me ‘good’ and for him it is a lot, because he does not make many compliments. Ronaldo kicked a fine penalty, I decided which way I would have dived, and I anticipated a fraction of a second, otherwise I would not have taken" The Chievo goalkeeper went on to discuss how Ronaldo greeted him in the tunnel after the game. “After the clash at the Bentegodi, he passed me while I was saying goodbye to Dybala and he gave me five! He is complete and physical, he can win the Champions League. I wish it to CR7".


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